Girls who laugh at jokes: how lack of communication created the oddest streaming trend on Twitch

Girls who laugh at jokes: how lack of communication created the oddest streaming trend on Twitch
Americans are feeling lonely. And that’s a huge problem for modern society.

According to Harvard research, over 61% of Americans aged 18-25 reported feeling lonely “frequently”, ” almost all time“, or “all time”.

The coronavirus crisis has aggravated the situation. Live chats began being replaced by online communication and substitutes that just created just an illusion of communication. Hundreds of young guys are ready to pay money to attract the girl’s attention and receive a reaction to his compliment or joke.

Today we’re talking about “girls who laugh”, a unique Twitch trend that is both genius and frightening.

Hikikomori in the US

From 2020 to 2022, the number of cases of social withdrawal and communicative disorders increased several times. The main reason is self-isolation. Even young people had to avoid contact with people cause of COVID-19.

The problem of social withdrawal is underestimated in the US and UK. Over 22% of people in the US and 23% in the UK have difficulties in social life. Just for comparison, in Japan, the problem of social withdrawal has been brought to the government level, but only 9% of people feel lonely and abandoned there.

Online websites became the main tool of communication. But social networks don’t fill the gap. While texting with somebody, one gets about 8% of information compared with live activity. The general context, facial expressions, gestures, and voice tone are missed. It causes a huge problem: people get used to such defective communication.

Emojis replace real emotions, but you know well that lmao emoji is usually taped with a poker face. A person falls into a vicious circle. Cause emotions that he perceives can be just fake. He can’t be sure if they are real or not.

Of course, online chatting is not the main reason for social disorders. But it’s a catalyst that emphasizes low self-esteem, reduced autonomy, coping difficulties, conflicting demands, interpersonal problems, and other psychological factors. Online communication seems like a safe and cozy analog of real chatting.

But they don’t feel right. People want to communicate but are trapped online. That’s why streamers who simulate a real conversation are so popular and get millions of followers.

The phenomenon of girls who laugh

Just imagine a guy who talks with people just online from 2020. His soft skills are almost atrophied, but he still likes girls and wants to talk with them. But the problem is that he’s afraid of being laughed at.

How to please a girl? What to say to her? What joke will make her laugh? How not to make himself an idiot?

“Just be yourself” doesn’t work cause all psychological problems are still there.

Streaming platforms seemed to be a real lifeline for these people. But soon, they saw the problem. Broadcasters talk much but rarely respond to viewers’ messages in chats. For a viewer, it’s like you can hear but can’t talk back. But there is an option: when a streamer gets a donation, the message attached to it is automatically voiced.

So, you may donate a few bucks and it means that the streamer you watch will hear what you want to say to him or her. And your beloved streamer will answer. It creates an illusion of mutual communication.

Guys, who wanted to attract the attention of streaming girls, used this feature much. It became clear that if a girl talks with her audience nicely, often laughs at even dumb or dirty jokes, and behaves cutely, she will get hundreds of microdonations a day. And that’s at least a few hundred bucks during a single stream.

Loneliness and lack of communication push guys to pay for conversations with the girls they like. And the market is huge: millions of male Twitch users worldwide.

Now, we’re showing the most popular girls who use communication with their audiences to earn money.

Meet Bebahan. She started her career as a streamer just in December 2020.

Meet Bebahan. She started her career as a streamer just in December 2020. And now, she has over 143k followers on Twitch, more than 595k on YouTube, and almost 1,4 million on TikTok. Also, she has Twitter, Instagram, and other socials.

She became popular thanks to her reactions to followers’ dirty jokes. Bebahan never gets angry or sad, she always smiles. And even the dirtiest or dumbest jokes she listens to with a smile.

The beard of this joke is so long that makes Dumbledore cry. But Bebahan acts perfectly, exactly how the joker would like to.

Most popular jokes told to her are about blondes and sex. No surprises at all. But she smiles even for bad and insulting jokes. And that makes her followers donate and tell more of them.

And about how much Bebahan earns. Her approximate income from Twitch subscribers is from 3000 to 9000 dollars per month. But donations on Twitch brought her over 350 000 bucks in 20 months. And that is not even counting other platforms, only Twitch.

The other popular “girl who laughs” is Mikaylah

The other popular “girl who laughs” is Mikaylah. She began streaming in 2016 but became popular just in 2020 when started to create short videos with her reactions to dumb jokes. Now, she has almost 580k followers on Twitch, 1,7 m on Instagram, 1,16 m on YouTube, and 4,9 m on TikTok.

But there is one thing. In August 2021, she had less than 100k subscribers. The number has grown up five times just in a year. Just when there was another level of coronavirus hysteria in the US.

The number has grown up five times just in a year. Just when there was another level of coronavirus hysteria in the US.

Mikaylah is hot looking but always plays a humble and innocent girl when streaming. She often becomes embarrassed because of jokes and, sometimes, doesn’t get them. People love to explain them in the comments section and watch her reaction. Just like that:

You may say that it’s not a crime to be sexy. And she may be just a beautiful and humble girl in real life. But not. She’s so modest just on Twitch. On her Instagram, she publishes pretty candid photos. And she also has an OnlyFans account. How about that?

Mikaylah is not the average “titty streamer”. She perfectly knows how to act on a certain platform to earn money. It’s hard to count all her earnings cause she’s silent about them. But approximately her net worth is about 2 million dollars. And in 2021, she’s got about 450 000 dollars.

Twitch’s need for “girls who laugh” is so large that such channels pop up like mushrooms after rain. During a quick search, we’ve found over 20 popular channels with such content having over 10k followers each. Berticuss, AngelMelly, Nalopia — they already earn tens of thousands of dollars per month on guys who want to impress them.

Some of these girls talk with their audiences all the time, the others try to combine reactions and gaming activities. But that was just the fast search that took about 30 minutes. We are sure, the real number of such channels is at least ten times more. You can easily find hundreds of similar no-name channels driven by beginner girls who want to achieve popularity on Twitch.

There is a direct correlation between this fact and the increasing of communicative disorders in English-speaking countries.

For these girls, that’s a perfect way to earn money. But for guys, it’s a real problem whose impact is underestimated now. If no ways of solving this problem are found in the next few years, the US and UK may get an entire generation of men having social disorders. Millions of guys cannot talk to women they like. The perspective of a serious demographic crisis is real. Live with that.