How To Block Ads On Twitch

How To Block Ads On Twitch
Twitch is the most popular choice among streamers around the world.

A multi-million audience, ease to use interface and a huge number of extra features have allowed Twitch to become the best platform for streaming. However, like any other service, Twitch could not exist without advertising. Yes, of course, it brings money to both streamers and Twitch itself as the main source of income, however, sudden advertising videos and banners that appear while watching streams and clips cannot be not annoying, especially for viewers.

Luckily for all of us, instructions on how to block ads on Twitch are very easy. Special ad blockers allow you to watch your favorite streamer without being distracted by annoying ads. All you have to do is to complete several simple steps that are absolutely free — and you can enjoy your favorite content without any advertisements. In this text, you will get a quick manual on how to install such ad blockers quickly. But before that, we will learn about the nature of ads on Twitch and how they affect the experience of both streamers and viewers.

What are advertisements on Twitch?

All ads on Twitch can be divided into two categories — ads that are being shown directly by the streamer and ads that are not related to the content streamers create. We cannot do anything about the first type of ads, as there is no such software that can block words that come from the streamer’s mouth and items he shows during the stream. Remember that such ads are one of the best ways for streamers to get their money and don’t be too angry about it, we all need something to eat.

The second category is simpler. When you start watching a stream you can stumble upon a short advertisement about a game, movie, service, or any other product. Most of the time such ads do not bring any important information and will not even hook you up to purchasing the product it tells about. It is not related to the content of the stream either. Of course, it is extremely annoying.

How to block ads once and for all

The easiest way to block ads not only on Twitch but on most of the sites is to install a special expansion for your browser. Such expansions are available for most popular clients like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Such extensions serve only one task — getting rid of unnecessary content from the pages you open up, including video advertisements and banners. Most of them are completely free, and some can require a monthly subscription, but the difference in effectiveness between paid and free is almost indistinguishable. We will use Google Chrome as an example for our guide.

We will use Google Chrome as an example for our guide

  1. Open up your browser, type “Google Chrome extensions” in the search and open up the official Chrome Web Store;
  2. Use “search the store” in the upper left part of the page to type in “Ad blocker”;
  3. Choose extensions with high ratings and lots of downloads to be sure that they will work as expected;
  4. Click on the “Install” button;
  5. Close and launch again your browser.

Now you are all set! You will see the difference right away by visiting literally any site on the internet. You will get rid of the ads not only on Twitch but on YouTube and lots of other services.

Tip on ads for professional streamers

As it has been said before, advertisements are very important for streamers who want to monetize their content. For that reason, you should choose reliable monetization platforms, and GetStream will be a perfect option. Dozens of profitable short-term contracts from various sponsors will help you to start earning money from your favorite hobby.