How to stream on Discord

How to stream on Discord
The number of available streaming options increases with each day.

It all started with Twitch. tv being the most popular streaming platform, but now almost every large internet company has its own broadcasting service or software. Surprisingly for many, even Discord has its own streaming software that is built right into the messenger. Remember how you used to show your screen to your friends during Skype conferences? It is time to get those good times back to life!

What Discord can offer

As you start to consider Discord as your main streaming platform, you will be surprised by the number of different options this client has to offer to you. There is no necessity to install additional streaming software, and all you have to do is to create a Discord account, install the client and create a server. After that, you receive access to the streaming ability. Discord offers up to 1080/60 fps streaming quality, its own method of compression, and simple communication with viewers thanks to the original nature of the client. For example, you can start talking with any viewer who visits your server right during the stream. Finally, Discord can detect games you play automatically, so no additional settings are required. Now let’s learn exactly how to stream on Discord and what steps you have to complete.

How to start streaming on Discord

First of all, you have to download the Discord client. It is a good idea to do it from the official site, you can also register your account there. These are all preparations you have to do. Now, let’s get to business.

Creating a server — your streaming hub

  1. Open up a Discord app on your PC or Mac;
  2. Log into your account;
  3. Click on the “+” icon in the menu on the left;
  4. A pop-up menu will open up, choose the “Create my own server” option, the first one in the list;
  5. Type in the name of the server, and upload an image that will be the server’s avatar;
  6. Click the “Create” button when you are ready;
  7. Once the server is created, you can find it in the list of chats and servers on the left;

As your server is created, you can send a link to it to your friends, or share it with other people on your site, YouTube channel, or social media accounts. Opening a Discord server is also a good opportunity to get closer to your community and communicate with your fans directly. Open various channels inside your server, create a separate voice-dedicated one and join your fans from time to time. It will have a good effect on your popularity and bring more attention to your server. And don’t forget to create a Rules channel too! You can give your friends or the most devoted fans a moderator status who will control the situation when you are not online.

Streaming a game on Discord — using the Screen Sharing option

You can start a stream on Discord within several clicks. Automatic game detection by Discord is almost a guarantee that software will start capturing a game’s executable without special settings. Yet, you have to consider some issues related to Discord. The free version of the app supports only 480/720p resolutions of screen sharing. In order to increase the quality up to 1080p, you have to get a subscription to Discord Nitro. It will cost you $9.99 per month, but it will also unlock you with other extra options related to chats and servers. The frame rate of your stream is also capped on the free version 15 or 30 frames per second would be your only option. If you want to start streaming at 60 fps, Discord Nitro is your only choice.

Games are not the only type of content you can stream via Discord. The screen sharing option can capture everything that happens on your device. You can choose a specific app, window, or an entire screen as a source.

Open up your Discord app and go to your server

  1. Open up your Discord app and go to your server;
  2. Join any channel with voice calls available, if there are no such servers — create one;
  3. Start a call. On the bottom left of the app, you will find a list of different options related to the call. For example, you can mute your channel, check connection quality, open up the options menu, and many more;
  4. Push the “screen” button. Choose what you want to stream: specific window or full screen;
  5. Click the “stop streaming” button to stop sharing your screen with others, or push the Disconnect button to stop the call entirely.

While hosting a call you can mute or kick viewers from your stream if something goes wrong. The process of streaming on iOS and Android devices is absolutely the same. The only difference is in the button layout.

Why choose Discord instead of other streaming platforms?

This question will come to the mind of professional streamers. Despite having a useful and simple streaming option, Discord does not focus on that type of content and is still a messenger. However, Discord is a perfect choice for streamers who mostly stream for a small but loyal community of friends and fans. No other streaming platform like Twitch or YouTube offers such a simple interface and such a vast variety of communication methods with the audience. For that reason, Discord will always be an option to consider when you are looking for a streaming platform.