How to Stream PC games to Twitch

How to Stream PC games to Twitch
PC is the most popular platform for gaming in the world, and so is the most popular streaming platform too.

Combining these two is the ultimate path to success. However, PC streaming has its own list of difficulties you should overcome before starting a perfect stream. You can’t just push a button and start speaking nonsense in the microphone like console gamers mostly do. In our text, you will learn about the necessary hardware and software for streaming from a PC, how to set up your first stream on Twitch and what you should do to start earning money from it.

What do you need to stream PC games?

What do you need to stream PC games?

PC with powerful enough specs: streaming puts additional pressure on your hardware. Nowadays you need a system with at least a 6-core CPU and a GPU from the past two generations. Of course, exact specs mainly depend on the games you play and the video quality you want to reach. It is a good idea to upgrade your PC if possible before starting a streaming career. 16 GB of RAM would also be extremely helpful. Another way to improve your PC’s streaming abilities is to purchase an extra encoding device. Finally, your PC must exceed minimum specs for both the game you play and the platform you stream on. If your device does not reach minimum requirements, then you will not be able to reach even 420p resolution.

High-quality headset: there are dozens of various gaming devices on the market. Choose a suitable one depending on your budget and taste. Remember to get a headset with a good microphone, otherwise, you will have to purchase an external one.

Streaming software: the number of streaming software is too high to do a quick choice. Still, most of the streamers prefer OBS Studio, Streamlabs, or Xsplit. In our text, we will use OBS Studio as an example, but you are free to choose anything else.

Now as we discussed a list of the most required elements of your streaming setup, let’s talk about some extra options that will make your content rise in terms of quality.

Professional microphone: in order to significantly increase the quality of the stream, you can purchase a professional microphone. It can add a lot to your budget, but it will also make you stand out from hundreds of other streamers who prefer to use simpler gadgets like headsets or cheap USB microphones.

Multiple monitors: extremely useful addition to your set. Professional streamers get at least two monitors to increase the comfort and efficiency of streaming. The main monitor can be used for gaming, and the second one to show all information about the stream itself: chat OBS, viewers count, and everything else.

Webcam: good addition to your stream that will help you to improve communication with the viewers. It will also give you the ability to start streaming in other genres, not only gaming.

Start your first PC stream on Twitch.

Start your first PC stream on Twitch.

  1. Your first step is to create an account on! Visit the site, click on the “sign in” button, write in all necessary information and link your Amazon Prime if you have one to get some extra perks and bonuses.
  2. Download and install OBS Studio. We will use this software as an example for this text.
  3. Open up OBS Studio. go to the Settings menu, click on the Stream tab and connect your Twitch account to the software. Another way to connect your Twitch channel to the software is to type in the stream key that can be found in your Twitch account.
  4. Create your own streaming overlay. OBS Studio offers lots of highly customizable options that will help you to make your stream look unique. You can use additional overlay building websites in order to simplify the process.
  5. Set up your microphone in the audio tab in the Settings and add it as a source to your stream scenes.
  6. If you have a webcam and want to use it in your stream, then add it as a video source to your overlay.
  7. Final step: Add your game to the OBS. Most of the games are easily connected to the stream by choosing a Game Capture source. You can add a full-screen application or a special window to it.

Now you are fully ready to start a stream! Push on a “Start Stream” button and a broadcast will start on your Twitch account. You can edit your overlay, sources, and scenes right during the stream if necessary. It is a good idea to have a test stream before starting a real one.

Making money on your streams

As you start your streaming career and get your first donations, you will start looking for a more stable income and methods of increasing your profits. GetStream is ready to help you with that! We offer dozens of short-term advertisement contracts that will help you to start earning money. As you grow in popularity, you can also use our powerful analytic tools that will assist you in making the right business decisions and develop your streams even more.