Streamers who crushed their careers in seconds

Streamers who crushed their careers in seconds
Streamers must work hard to become successful and earn good money.

It takes months and even years to gather a loyal audience and create a proper image. But it can be destroyed just in a few seconds by the streamer’s own hands.

Here’s a story about three Twitch streamers who had it all and then screwed up big time.

ZillionOP: a miracle of healing while streaming

When Twitch was small and cozy, many interesting streamers wanted to have fun with the audience and nothing more. It became a platform where all people were equal. Of course, guys with disabilities used it pretty much. It was a perfect way to socialize with other people even if you were stuck in a wheelchair.

But Twitch was growing, streamers started to earn pretty good money, some of them thought it would be ok to trick their followers to get more paid subscriptions.

ZillionOP was a popular streamer having 1.3 million subscribers. And he seemed to be disabled, cause he sat in a wheelchair when streaming.

Actually, ZilianOP didn’t mean to fake disability — he started streaming being in a wheelchair cause he was taking some therapy. Of course, people thought that he couldn’t walk at all, and the streamer never claimed otherwise. And even being fully recovered, he continued to stream in a wheelchair cause he already had a certain image.

You can imagine the audience’s shock when he just stood up and went out of the room during a stream.

As he said later, his dog just turned his water bowl over some wires and he forgot to stop the broadcast. Such a “miracle” was baldy received by the community — the scandal was pretty loud, and the reaction of the Twitch administration was clear — a permanent ban.

ZilianOP tried to explain himself, but the audience couldn’t forgive such betrayal. In 2020 he made another try to create a new account under the name “Itsblooish” to start fresh, but a few hours after his first stream started, he was banned again. People remember everything.

ZilionOP also tries to become popular on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, but he never became as successful as on Twitch before the “miracle”.

ZilionOP also tries to become popular on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, but there is no such success he had on Twitch before the “miracle.”

Roxicett: fine curves, bad luck

Demonstrating private body parts is strictly forbidden on Twitch — it’s OnlyFans or PornHub.

So-called titty streamers are popular though, but girls are balancing on the verge of light erotic and fantasies without showing off their tits or bum-bum.

Roxicett was just a girl playing Runescape. Followers loved her because of her sassy behavior, she often streamed drunk but it’s not forbidden on Twitch. Her image of a nerdy girl who swears and drinks a lot earned her a pretty wide audience.

And once, she thought that was a good idea to flash her tits and butt to motivate viewers to subscribe.

She even didn’t pretend that was an accident -we cannot show that video, but be sure that was intentional. Yet we have a screenshot.

We cannot show such videos here, but be sure that was intentional. And she even didn’t pretend that was an accident.

The moment after, she just lowered her pants and panties to the camera. This cheered up her audience, but not the administration — she got a permanent ban.

The next day Roxicett sobered up, realized what she had done, and tried to rectify the situation — she sent to Twitch an apology letter, but it had no effect.

As a result, she even deleted her Instagram account and dropped off the map. What a sad ending for a girl-streamer who already had it all.

MrDeadMoth: being an asshole doesn’t mean being a good streamer

This is the case when a streamer with great potential turned out to be a piece of shit in real life.

MrDeadMoth was a Fortnite player who tried hard to become famous on Twitch. Less than in a year, he created over 1300 hours of content and gained 7,5k followers. Not so much, but it’s enough for earning money on paid subscriptions and ads — for instance, a GetStream partner having 10k followers can earn about $20-50 just from a 1-time 15-sec Ad display. Showing five Ads in a day sounds like $1-2k per month. But here we don’t count money for subscriptions and marketing integrations. So if you have around 10k followers on Twitch you can make a decent living and even support your family by doing nothing else than streams. And MrDeadMoth was close to this line.

One day MrDeadMoth was streaming Fortnite when his pregnant wife came into the room and asked him to stop playing and join her at dinner. And he unexpectedly jumped up from his chair and slapped her. Viewers didn’t see it but the sounds of the hits and a wife’s cries were clearly heard. And when he came back to the table and realized that the game was lost, he got mad completely and beat her up in front of their child.

Warning. The next video is pretty disturbing. Watch it at your own risk.

The streamer got a 30-day ban immediately. But the story became viral, and MrDeadMoth was put on trial for domestic violence. Alas, he didn’t go to prison and just had to pay a fine.

But when he was back and wanted to keep up his streaming career, people started massively complaining to the administration of the platform, cause Twitch is no place for such a foul person. Moderators took closer attention to this high-profile case and banned him permanently. And that was the least of what he deserved.

Dellor: crushing things is fun, but now always

In 2019, Dellor was a popular Overwatch player and was among the top 1000 streamers on Twitch. His behavior when streaming couldn’t be called nice or polite, quite the contrary. When losing matches, he often entered a blind rage and crashed stuff around him — most often, he destroyed his keyboards.

He knew for sure that his audience liked to watch him crushing things. But one day, everything went wrong.

As usual, after losing a match, Dellor smashed his keyboard, but this time on his head. Unexpectedly, he got banned because Twitch detected an act of self-harm there.

Of course, such temper is a bad example for viewers. But really, self-harm? The following day, he published a photo of his forehead and wrote: “I’ve broken hundreds of them and have never even scratched myself.” But Twitch hadn’t changed its mind.

Dellor was out of Twitch for a year. And when he came back, he had to start everything from scratch. Only by 2022, he was finally able to regain some of his former popularity.


In fact, there are much more examples of when streamers screwed up everything at a glance. Even the most popular creators used to get temporary bans because of stupid reasons — and we have a bunch of these stories. Wanna hear some more? Shoot in comments