Hook your brand up with gamers

Let streamers promote your brand to their audiences and get thousands of leads in a few weeks. Gamers are easygoing and generous. We know it
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Wake up your audience

Create new ways to communicate with your fans by showing short video ads during gaming streams. Achieve new standards of brand promotion with the GetStream team
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Exclusive access to top streamers

Advertise your brand by streamers from the top-500 list. There are big and small audiences, hundreds of games played with wide and loyal communities of fans. Try it out
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Gamification is a new black

Games are an incredibly powerful tool to involve people. They are emotional, colorful, and attractive. And it’s a perfect basis for an effective marketing campaign
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Meet the most active and responsive gamer audience
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By GetStream’s Studios
Here is how to promote your brand with GetStream:
Brand Activations
Direct video ads
15/30-seconds videos played during gaming streams. The best way to make your brand known by the widest audience
Brand Activations
Event-based broadcasts
Run special streaming events and create perfect native ads to promote your brand and increase sales
Brand Activations
Achievement and subscription engagements
Create a long-term partnership with streamers, engage audiences in fun and exciting marketing games
Brand Activations
Custom made streams
Get partnered with popular streamers and design the broadcast you need to promote your brand
We rock harder than Elden Ring and drive results better than Fortnite builders. See for yourself
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