Our commitment to Streamers

Streamers, you are our greatest treasure. And we aim to set the highest standards of partnership with all of you. Thank you for being so awesome!
Our commitment to Streamers
Here is our promise to you
You choose Ads Projects by yourself
There are no obligations to show Ads and no strict schedules. You promote only the brands you want and as many times as you like.
No long-term contracts
You’re free to use GetStream whenever you want. We don’t limit your cooperation with other advertising projects.
Protect your privacy
We don’t sell your data to third parties. We also don’t gather personal data from your audience. We collect just data that relates to the Ads you run.
Clear statistics and payments
You always know how effective is your Ads launches and how much money you’ve earned from each. And our payment system is not not rocket science too.
Questions and Answers
Everything you that may want to ask us
Can I get banned on Twitch for using GetStream?
No. GetStream complies with the terms and rules of all streaming platforms. Video Ads and promoting brands are 100% legal. Using GetStream can’t be the cause of a ban.
Can I control what Ads to show on my streams?
Sure. You choose projects you want to promote, the time to run ads, and their frequency by yourself. You control all your activities.
What data does GetStream collect?
We gather data related to the advertising you show. That's it. We don’t need any personal information about your audience or yourself.
How can I earn money with GetStream?
Participate in advertising campaigns of different brands and show short video ads when streaming. And we’ll pay you for that. Easy as a pie.
How can I get my money?
Choose the convenient way to get your earnings. You can set monthly auto payments at your bank account or withdraw money manually at any moment you want. And we have no minimum limits.
Do you sell any data to third persons?
No. And we won’t do that in the future.
How can I stop cooperating with GetStream?
Just stop showing ads. No other actions are required. And, of course, you can be back at any time.
Got another question? Ask us here: [email protected]