You’re a Talent Agency that encourages Gaming and has a bunch of Streaming Influencers?

GetStream gives you solutions to monetize their traffic and increase the value of their talent
Streaming is already the Business
GetStream is a tool to sell live-video hours watched to Brands. Making money with your team of Influencers is now easy as pie.
Short video ads format Short video ads format
15/30-sec Ad Videos are easy to run and engage
Most loyal audience Most loyal audience
99,5% VTR - all Ads will be watched until the end
10-min setup 10-min setup
Our team makes contracting and signing up for Agencies in no time
Clear statistics
Get detailed statistics of Ads placement from every Influencer in your team, each time they launch the Ads
Clear statistics
Transparent payment system
Choose a monthly auto payment option or receive a bounty for every streamer’s task separately
Transparent payment system
Trusted by brands
What’s your deal?
Start to promote world-known Brands on Twitch and make money right now with your team of Influencers
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